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26 November 1978
Born and raised in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego. Played on the beach. Absorbed Helix High School.
Abandoned sun and surf to attend Willamette University, in the bustling metropolis of Salem, OR. Learned to share silliness with strangers. Studied literature and history. Lived in London. Traveled through many countries.
Bartended in Edinburgh for 6 months after college. Made less money per hour than Phil, the panhandler who sat on the couch across the street from the pub. Drank a lot and apologized for America.
Ran out of money. Went back to SD. Started my restaurant career. Decided that since I didn't know what I really wanted to do, I might as well be confused with my northwestern friends instead of bored and confused at home.
Moved to Seattle, worked in restaurants, applied to hundreds of jobs. Realized that that jobs I really wanted were with non-profits that deal with kids and literacy. As I re-wrote my cover letter over and over, I discovered that what I really wanted to do was teach english to high schoolers.
I moved into a huge house in Wallingford with 5 girls who became my family.
I went to church a lot, mostly because I liked the misfit teenagers who had never been to church before. There are other reasons, but this is a long, messy, emotional story that I will tell you if you really want to know.
Three years later, armed with a Master in Teaching, I
1)moved to a studio apt on Capitol Hill
2)left the church and most of my faith
3)got a job at a private school for kids who had been kicked out of alternative schools. They were abusive and addicted and this is another long, messy, emotional story that I'm still trying to process. I quit at the end of the year- 2006.
4)got a job at a normal-ish high school in Burien, where I've been ever since.

Somehow, since I moved to Seattle, I also dated a bunch of guitar players who turned into friends. And now I live with the best one of them. We're more than friends.

Church still freaks me out (but it's still a long story), and those girls are still my family. I love a lot of people and move around the edges of a lot of groups. I am going to go on a walk now.
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